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In-depth courses

Beginners Course

An in-depth Trading course containing crucial information every trader must know before trading: Forex trading concepts, basic terms, some basic strategies and a glossary of concepts.

Trading Tools

The trading tools explained in this course cover all aspects of trading and is aimed for the experienced trader.

Trading Strategies

If you are looking for new strategies and new ways to maximize profit, this course is for you. Each strategy includes: How to identify, time frame, recommended pairs, used indicators, when to enter, when to exit, examples.

MetaTrader Tutorials

In this course you'll learn what the MetaTrader Platform is and how to use it.

CFDs and Stocks

What CFDs, Stocks and Indices are? Learn what the advantages and disadvantages of trading CFDs and Stocks are.

Social Trading

What is Social Trading? What is so good about it? How does it work? This VOD is a great introduction to Social Trading.

Trading FOREX/ CFDs involves considerable risk of loss of the entire investment. Read more