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 » Basic course

Basic course

Trading is an art form

If you are interested in trading, this video can give useful information to get a glimpse of the trading world.

Chance and Risk

In this video we’ll explain what are the chances and risks and the types of investments. You can’t become a trader if you don’t master these topics.

Are you an emotional trader?

What are the relations between emotions and trading? Why you must be in a specific state of mind in order to succeed? How to identify bad emotional state and how to deal with it?

Distributing Risks

If you are new to the trading market this video is very important: What is risk distribution? How good capital management may make the difference between failed and successful investment?

Currency Pairs

The Forex market is based on currency pairs. This video explains what currency pairs are and what exchange rate means.

Buying and selling

Buy and Sell, two of the most commonly used words in the trading market. What is a losing trade and what are some of the options to minimize loses?

Passive Trading 5/15 Rule

What type of trader would you like to be? Watch this video and make a wise decision. What is the 5/15 rule? How to implement it in real trading?

Aggressive Trading 10/30 Rule

This video is following the 5/15 video: What is the 10/30 rule? How to implement it? When should you use it?

Calculating Pips

Higher pips in the right direction can lead to profits. Watch this video to learn what pip is and how to calculate it? Pip calculation according to the specific currency.

Market analysis types

Market analysis can be one of the basic tools to gain access to the Forex Market. Watch this video for the two basic types of market analysis


What is trend and how it can help in finding the market direction? The 3 possible market direction and how trends are identified?

Support and Resistance

The definitions of support and resistance. How to identify support or resistance line? Support and resistance strength. What is the meaning of a support or resistance breakout?

Shooting star, Harami patterns

Patterns are the essence of technical analysis. This video explains more about the patterns’ features and characteristics.

Engulfing+, Downside Gap Three

Some of the most common patterns are explained in this video. The patterns features and characteristics.

Breakaway, 3 White Soldiers

Some of the most common patterns are explained in this video. The patterns’ features and characteristics.


As a trader you'll hear a lot about pips. Do you want to know more? In this video we'll explain what pip is, how pips are calculated and why the Japanese Yen is unique.

Short & Long

Short and Long are two very common terms in Forex. You can't call yourself a trader if you are unfamiliar with them. Watch and learn the definitions of Short and Long.

Take Profit Order

What is a Take Profit order? In which scenarios a Take Profit order should be used? Watch this video as we provide examples of this order.

Opening a new order

The different ways to open a new order in the MT4 platform are explained in this video. This is the action that turns an observer into a trader.

The terminal window

Among other features, this window shows all open trades and the current balance.

Closing an order

How to close an order? This video will explain how to do it.

Pending orders

This can be useful when you’re interested to place an order when a specific condition such as Buy limit, Sell limit, Buy stop, Sell stop is met. In this video you can learn how to place a pending order.

Trading FOREX/ CFDs involves considerable risk of loss of the entire investment. Read more